Vouchers in Shopping Centres

Production - Sale - Redeeming

Vouchers are printed and sold at the shopping centre information desk.

Each voucher has a unique barcode allowing tracing throughout the process, from production to commissioned destruction.


We provide customer-tailored advice to our clients in Austria and abroad and handle their payment transactions. Credit is posted directly to the account of the client.


The MULTI-Box is serviced regularly by us – valuables are counted, checked and reconciled.

We dispose of vouchers with specially equipped cash-in-transit vehicles – vouchers that have been redeemed and settled are transferred for commissioned destruction.

This is done mainly but not exclusively via the MULTI-Box – can also be included in direct servicing.

  • We provide customer-tailored consulting and support
  • Prompt posting to the customer account
  • Cross-border service available on request
  • Payment transactions are processed with the account-holding banks
  • Large amounts of money in the centre management for redeeming the vouchers are avoided
  • Safer storage and sale
  • Reduced storage costs for vouchers that have yet to be sold
  • Demand-oriented production
         for small-scale (occasional customer) and
         large-scale production (orders from major customers)
  • Fewer tasks for the employees