The MULTI-Box for voucher and cash collection

The MULTI-Box is a single point of cash (SPC): It was developed specifically for shopping centres. Daily cash proceeds and vouchers are easily and conveniently deposited in vault-like machines.

We manage these machines and ensure that credit is quickly posted to customer accounts.

The daily cash proceeds are collected daily – we count, check and sort the valuables and credit them directly to the customer account. We also handle difference and complaints processing.


  • Daily cash proceeds and vouchers are collected regardless of your bank
  • Transfer of liability after the items are deposited into the MULTI-Box
  • No key necessary (identification with customer card)
  • Errors can be identified immediately with tracing and tracking (parcel tracking)
  • Option of a printed receipt
  • Fewer tasks for shop employees
  • Increased safety for shop employees due to shorter distances to the MULTI-Box
  • Quick and easy cash and voucher handling with safe bags


The MULTI-Box Cycle

The MULTI-Box Cycle